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Student Memberships.

student-study-membershipsWe remember what college was like: crowded computer labs and roommates who always want to throw a party the night before you have huge test. Pulling all nighters only works if you actually get some studying done, so we’re making our coworking space available to the local student population.

ForĀ $25 a month, you can gain access to our quiet, clean workspace from 4 pm until 9 am M-F, and anytime you want on the weekends. You also get free access to a coffee pot, and the brains of any of the talented, experienced freelancers who might be working during that time. Trust me, they all know how it feels to be in your shoes.

So save up your latte money, or give your parents that super cute “I need it!” face and see if they’ll spring for a couple months of membership. Just tell them how much better your grades would be if you just had a safe, quiet place to study. Sign up here.

Cohere Bandwidth.

Cohere Bandwidth Warehouse 2 BEFORERock solid rehearsal space coming to Old Town Fort Collins early 2015. Check it out.