Coworking: this is your brain on creativity

I’m always amazed by the stuff that ends up on the whiteboards at Cohere.  The coworkers have particularly vivid brain dump sessions late at night or when plagued by tough decisions that need to be made.  Last week’s work filled an entire board on how to promote a headless pig keychain with client instructions to  “make sure the tagline is borderline inappropriate.”  How fun is that!?  I wasn’t able to capture that session in a photo but here are some more that will let you peek under Cohere’s hood to see what’s happening.

Left: I’m not sure what problem they were working on here but it appears to be a mashup of a merchandising problem for our resident fashionista Suzanne and Zachariah’s take on that problem using some PHP coding.  Who knows but it sure does look neat.

Right: Here we have the random happy thoughts board that took shape during Cohere’s grand opening.  Several people tucked away in the library nook to write words of encouragement or funny quips like “I want to play madlibs here.”  How cute is that!?

Left: The phone room is Paul’s favorite place to work out Python coding problems and #inappropriatecorner is host to any number of random quotes and methods of mockery to keep things light hearted.

What is the moral of this visual journey through Cohere’s collective brain?  Don’t judge our weirdness and propensity for silliness, come be a part of it.  There’s a blank board waiting for you.

  • Yup, top white board was in fact an educational session for a fellow coworker on foreach loops! remember,… foreach iterates through everything, so make sure they’re all dressed nice before you printf them…. or… something. ~Z

  • Zachariah, haha! I wish I could understand even 1/4 of what you all talk about but I’m happy to just sit back and document that it happened!

  • Angel Kwiatkowski

    Coworking: your brain on creativity New @coherellc

  • Hey, Zachariah, thanks for the help with that. I’m digging through my PHP book today and enjoying it. Hope to pick your brain more as I continue to learn.

  • Coworking: your brain on creativity New @coherellc

  • @rockstar_ Jono Bacon featured in a pic here–Coworking: your brain on creativity New @coherellc

  • Want to see a visual of what php applied to fashion merchandising looks like?

  • I love it when coworking brings about genius scribblings! RT @CohereLLC: *a

  • RT @CohereLLC @rockstar_ @jonobacon featured in a pic here–Coworking: your brain on creativity

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