Night coworking coming soon

Freelancers don’t always work during the day or during business hours so Cohere is adding the Night Owl Lite¬†membership plan. ¬†This plan will work great for Work at Home Moms who can pass the little ones on to their partners at night and those who have full time jobs but do freelance/entrepreneurship on the side.

Details about Night Coworking:

  • Every Wednesday from 4pm-11ish
  • Includes way-fast wifi + coffee (bring your own beer if that’s how you roll)
  • Angel, the Curator, will be around to facilitate the awesome
  • Other Cohere members have committed to working Weds. night so you get the full benefit of the Coherents’ brains.


  • Free for members
  • Non-members = $10/night

Hope to see you for our first evening of coworking on 6.30.10.

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