Cohere’s Week

Cohere blows my mind almost daily but this week, in particular, stands out.

Tuesday: was the first day for Loveland Coworking.  Due to popular demand, Cohere sent Angel and member Cali to downtown Loveland to see what’s going on down there and if they might like coworking.  Do they ever!  We had 3 Lovelanders cowork for the first time with another 3 expressing interest in subsequent weeks.  This may not be an earth shattering number of coworkers to you but Fort Collins started with only four.  As member Julie Sutter pointed out, “they were the right four.”  And that’s all it takes.

Later in the day, Cali and I got a sneak peek of the Rialto Bridge Project.  A mixed use platform to attract and engage artists of all kinds in the heart of downtown Loveland.  Meanwhile, we found out that we were actually talking with the owner of the building that houses Artlab Loveland.  A behind the scenes tour of this cool space was fun and informative.  We now know more about the history and economic development of downtown Loveland than most.

Wednesday: was the first day for Night Coworking at Cohere.  Again, by popular demand, Cohere decided to stay open very late every Wednesday night.  We welcomed two new members, Kevin and Kristin.  Fun aside, Kristin got her work completed a full 4 hours earlier than normal, so I would call that a win.  We also discovered that Alex really can eat a large pizza on his own which is impressive considering his compact stature.  Check out that new plan: Night Owl Lite.

Thursday: Angel secured a donation of wireless internet for the future location of Loveland Coworking.  To be announced soon. In addition to this, sponsors and a local caterer were secured for Freelance Camp Fort Collins with more and more registrations coming in daily.

An idea born in Cohere’s conference room takes hold: Beth’s Coworking Across America project is getting lots of good attention, sponsors and donations of discounted passes and other delights.  Follow her progress as she RV’s across America stopping at coworking spaces all over the country and blogging all the while.

Friday: It’s hard to tell just how awesome Friday will be and what delightful surprises it will hold.

Overall Learnings: When things fall together logically and easily, just go with it.  It is right and good and wonderful.

Coworking at Green Spaces

Cali & Her Coffee at Green Spaces

Cali and I carpooled to Denver this morning to cowork at Green Spaces in RiNo (River North Art District) near downtown.  We were slated to attend the Sustainable Ventures Meetup tonight and then realized that was occuring IN a coworking space so decided to snag day passes off of their website in advance.

We got here around 11am.  Erin, the Community Manager, greeted us, showed us around and gave us the options available for seating.  Even though Green Spaces desks are more spread out, Cali and I opted to sit shoulder to shoulder (Cohere style) since that’s what we’re used to.  Cali’s friend @markwmann coworks here and while she chatted with him, I met Brok with myGroFarm who is working on a free standing, covered mini-greenhouse for people in apartments, seniors or otherwise garden-challenged people.  We talked sustainable food production and then Cali and I got set up at our uber trendy “door turned desk” work station.

Cali and Mark At Billy's Hot Dogs

Cali and I knew we had found a good group of people because we got invited out to the local hot dog joint right away.  Of course we said yes, on account of our Cohere #frankfurterfriday roots.

We all enjoyed a “billy dog” which sports a pickle spear, onions, peppers, tomatoes, neon green relish, onion salt, mustard and ketchup.  Um, yeah, they were pretty tasty and naturally, Cali has a crush on any place with neon green relish and neon orange furnishings.  Mark introduced us to fries covered in pesto, garlic and bleu cheese.  I don’t feel it necessary to mention that we ate all of them without any trouble at all.

Garlic, pesto, bleu cheese fries

Now we’re back at coworking and I’ve seen a fair amount of collaboration going on in different groups around the space.  Cali and I have finally settled down enough to begin to be productive, except for the aside we just had where Cali called me an “aggressive typer.”  Apparently, I type quickly and with great relish (not neon green).

I’m not going to lie, I’m missing my Cohere folks quite a bit but I’m working on getting the Denver and Boulder coworking spaces on the Coworking Visa program so members can flow back and forth between spaces as part of their memberships.  Imagine, the Colorado Freelance Economy without cubicle, office, or city walls.  Yeah, we’re doing that.

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