Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Show Your Green To Win A Free Week Of Coworking

St. Patrick's Day Clover

Is GREEN Your Color? Want to keep a little extra “green” in the bank?  

We know there are more than a few of you with the luck o’ the Irish on your side. Post a picture of you proudly wearing green today on our Facebook page and we’ll enter you to win a free week at Cohere!

Tell your friends! And Members—you’re eligible to win too—so let’s see it!

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Here Are The Winners!

Valentine's Day Candies

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re sweet on coworking, and we thought you might be too.  

We had so much fun with our Valentine’s Day giveaway!  Congratulations to Alice Ashmore, Vicki Wilson Conley and Suz for winning a free three-day pass to Cohere!

We look forward to seeing you around the “office” for some coworking, collaboration, and fun.

Image Credit: Flickr – butterflysha

We Love It (Co)Here! Win A Free 3-Day Pass To Try Coworking

Valentine's Day Latte

It’s February, and that means Valentine’s Day is on it’s way! No, I won’t go on a rant about the silliness of this Hallmark holiday, instead, let’s focus on the spirits of the season–love and affection. I feel a lot of that for each and every one of the marvelous mobile professionals that call Cohere home!

If you’ve been meaning to give Cohere a try, but haven’t had time, energy, or just keep forgetting, we love you too…and we want you to come experience the myriad of benefits coworking will add to your life! We’ve got a great new building and lots of talented freelancers for you to rub shoulders with.

Because we think this place is pretty neat—the first three people that comment on this post will get a free 3-day pass to try it out for themselves.  Sweet, huh?  (Does not apply to current members—offer valid through Feb. 13).

Comments can be as simple as “I really want to win!” or you can tell us your entire freelancing life story. We like stories.

Current members, please tweet and post this to Facebook so your self-employed friends and neighbors will have an opportunity to win!

Image Credit: Flickr – WordRidden

4 word resumes

Inspired by an event which I can no longer remember, I launched a “create your 4 word resume” contest and received the following entries.  I have decided that the 4 word resume should take over the traditional resume.  It takes a good chunk of time to write only 4 words that sum up who you are as a person and if my experience in HR has taught me anything, that’s all the HR folks are reading anyway.  Read on to see the winner.

Graphic & Clothing Designer: Imagination Vendor

Stay at home mom: Skilled incubator

Unknown: I care

Writer: Writes well for money

Game developer: I am a Ninja

Unknown: Jill of all trades

Trainer: Passionate about Singapore Math

Art Advocate: I teach sustainable creativity

Community Platform Builder: I know my gifts

Writer: Creates content, changes world

Marketing Strategist: Strategic Marketing Trail Guide

Videographer: Telling Creative Visual Stories

Programmer: Computer plumber, mirth maker

Programmer: Will work for comics

Web Dev: I am a Drupalista

After a quick vote yesterday during Free Coworking Day, a clear winner emerged: Creates content, changes world.  Congratulations to veteran Coherian and writer, Beth @gonecoworking who just won an Explorer pass for the month.  This will be Beth’s last month at Cohere before she launches her year long travels across the USA as a truly location independent freelancer!

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