Cohere Bandwidth: What IS or What COULD Be?

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It’s hard to pick a song of the week when you don’t have audio on your computer! I picked this song by Post Paradise purely off of the title, lyrics and this line in particular, “If I’ve got strings and I’ve got friends then I’ve got means to all my ends.” <—that pretty much sums up how we feel about Cohere Bandwidth. We’ll continue to collect people and ideas (and maybe some instruments) until it becomes clear what we should do.

We STILL haven’t been able to do a detailed analysis of the focus group info partially owing to the fact that we just completed one last night at the horrifyingly (to me) late hour of 9pm. What we do have is these awesome thank you cards that the musicians signed for all of our pizza  sponsors. We also found out that Krazy Karl’s has AMAZE-BALLS pizza for a great price. After buying 8 large pizzas and 2 cinnamon breads we still have some sponsor money leftover for our next social event; a “Photo Band Reunion” where we all bring a picture of ourselves from band in Jr. High or High School. Braces anyone? Stay tuned for that.

I would also like to share an excerpt from an email that we wrote to help clarify our direction. We got a little lost in our first focus group and got too focused on WHAT IS rather than what COULD BE regarding shared space for musicians.

—Cohere Bandwidth’s process is more in depth and our vision is larger than a simple shared rehearsal space where you pay to play. We’ll be gathering people and ideas together, dreaming big and building passion BEFORE we look for space. This process could take months and that’s okay because the end result will be mind-blowing (we hope!).
We ask for your patience as we will put in the majority of our effort into gathering your thoughts, ideas and opinions before we find that useful container that is a physical space. We promise that this time consuming and extensive process will be worth it.—

Cohere Bandwidth: Survey Results for Shared Rehearsal Space

Will Work For Bandwidth

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The survey is closed and we had a great response from the community. I’m going to channel my inner grad-student and go all scholarly on you. Hang on to your vintage hats.

ONE BILLION people were asked to complete a survey about their current conditions and preferences for potential shared rehearsal space in Fort Collins, Colorado. Responses were requested via email, Facebook and Twitter. We requested that respondents be “in a band” or “a musician” in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The goal of the survey was to find out the current reality for musicians and their rehearsal spaces including satisfaction and cost. We also wanted to gather preliminary data on importance of common rehearsal space amenities, location and to find people to participate in focus groups.

63 musicians completed the online survey. Click on any of the graphs to see larger images.

The average age of those who took the survey was 32 years. The youngest was 18, the oldest; 52.

Surprisingly, the majority of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied (32 total) with their current rehearsal space. Based on our initial talks with band members, we assumed that there would be FAR more unsatisfied rehearse-ers. 20 respondents were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their current space.

How Satisfied

We also really need to know how much people are paying for their rehearsal space. The vast majority pay NOTHING. We assume that this means they are rehearsing at home. <—-this sounds familiar. Freelancers, anyone? A shortcoming of our research is that we can’t correlate satisfaction with how much they pay. Right now we assume that those who pay the most are the most satisfied but this is an excellent focus group topic to find out more.

Per month fee for space
We never want to assume that people want to share. Especially when thousands of dollars of band equipment is in the equation. So we asked. To our delight, 78% of the musicians we surveyed are willing to share. Sharing FTW.

Would you share
It’s often not terribly important to get hung up on physical amenities this early in the process BUT with the recent thefts of band equipment we knew we needed to at least ask about security. We also heard that many people rehearse without a bathroom (yikes), heat (brrrr) or soundproofing (sorry neighbors). We researched a bunch of other shared rehearsal spaces online and tossed in some of their common amenities (vending machines) just to see what would happen.

Security, clean electrical, cost and locked storage won. Vending machines failed miserably as did discounts to business services and having an included PA in the space. We’ll dig more in to these things in the focus groups.

It was important to communicate how different the price of real estate is in different parts of our town. We indicated this in our survey by using dollar signs. The Mulberry/Industrial area is the most affordable and this got the majority of responses followed by the Old Town as the most expensive area. This leads me to believe that we might have two very different groups of musicians in our group. It will be important to delve further in to this topic at the focus groups.



Conclusion: we are stoked. The focus groups are set up and Ian is taking RSVPs from those survey respondents who expressed interest. BTW, 60% of people who took the survey gave us their email addresses which we think is very, very neat.

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And another shout out to our awesome and generous focus group pizza sponsors. Visit their websites today. Did I mention that they are all Independent business owners in our town? Yeah. They’re cool like that. Oh, they are ALL either current or alumni members of Cohere. How fucking sweet is that?!

Amanda Miller, The Place Setting Company

Molly Hoff, The Freelance Bean Counter

Carson Block, Consultant and Edgewater Juke

image credits: Angel Kwiatkowski



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