Featured Member Monday: Meet Katrina Pfannkuch

Katrina Pfannkuch
Buzzword Communications, LLC

The very first time you visited the Cohere website, it’s likely that you watched the little video at the top of the page. That smiling face you met in the first frame was Katrina Pfannkuch, aka “Creative Katrina,” one of the original members of our coworking community.

Katrina is a communications expert, whether that means crafting compelling copy for your website or coaching entrepreneurs on how to keep their creativity flowing. When Cohere’s collective nerdyness slides into snarky cynicism, Katrina is always ready with a positive perspective, helping us to refocus on what’s really important. Since creativity and inspiration are her strong points, it’s no surprise that Katrina took naturally to coworking.

“I really love getting together with other people who embrace an entrepreneurial way of life and thinking,” said Katrina. “When people work side by side on their passion, there is a collaborative energy and inspiration you are unable to get working at home alone or along side people an office who don’t enjoy what they do.

“As a people-person, I was really missing that in my home office! I also really appreciate the sense of sharing in-person and online that we are able to do as a community. And most importantly, I love being part of a community that allows me to show up how and when I want to – there is no expectation of me other than to be myself.”

Like most freelancers and small business owners that work at Cohere, Katrina makes a living using her passions to help others be more successful. Unwiling to settle on a single title, Katrina describes herself as a creative consultant, intuitive copywriter, content strategist, teacher and overall creative fire starter. “I love helping people get clear on their gifts and then helping them develop authentic marketing and content to share it with the rest of the world,” she said. As if that doesn’t sound blissful enough, Katrina is also a Reiki Master, intuitive and an empath.

“Now that I’ve been a member of Cohere for a few years, I feel more part of a community of like-minded people that I was never able to find on my own or in an official “office job”,” Katrina said. “I’ve developed friendships and working relationships with other creative people I really respect and have also been introduced to even more groups, events, connections and work opportunities to enhance my learning and my business outreach.”

If you’d like to swap ideas about what makes killer content, or are just looking for a way to de-stress after a particularly long day, say hi to Katrina next time you’re at Cohere Coworking!

Who’s in YOUR Petri Dish?

The Power of Connection

Connection means different things to different people, but in reality, it is at the core of our DNA. It’s something I knew from a science perspective, but never truly “got” at a lifestyle level until now.

I recently sat in on a presentation by Joan King, a Ph.D in Neurosciences and Psychology, who also served as the Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology for the Tufts University School of Medicine. Her talk was short, but left an impact. She focused on the neurology of connection, explaining the basic function of cells and how they work independently and as a unit.

She pointed out that when cells are separated in a Petri dish, they immediately start searching for other cells to connect with and form a bond. If unable to find a connection, they die.

This is why I feel Cohere is a great alternative for dis-connected workers. As a writer who works primarily from a home office, I often spent long days alone, especially while working on deadline. My in-person connection to like minds faded quickly in exchange for purely digital relationships and writing deadlines. Even though I couldn’t put my finger on it, I always felt a little something was missing.

Transition to More Fun and Enhanced Creativity

As I transitioned to showing up at a welcoming, laid back place to work, I realized just how much I missed the energy of buzzing minds and spontaneous creative collaborations. I find it extremely helpful to share and exchange ideas with others who are not directly tied to my project, but offer incredibly valuable insight on new approaches or solutions.

Its even MORE fun to blow off steam and be silly in the middle of the day for no reason other than to decompress and have a good time. My membership is a great reminder that as a human being I can give myself permission to infuse light, laughter and play into my day at a moment’s notice, but the choice is up to me.

The Cohere “Workday”

From left: Julie, Katrina and Suzanne discuss a marketing problem.

I get work done as efficiently, perhaps even more so at Cohere because there are others  working right alongside me; people focused on their passions too. My fellow Coherians also remind me that I am a human being allowed to take breaks.   I’m not just some content machine always chugging towards the next deadline.

Cohere Madam, Miss Angel, is fantastic about organizing collaborative events, and my workmates also create spontaneous opportunities to grab lunch, snacks or entice me to delve into a fun, five minute video diversion.

I want to take this opportunity to applaud the core values and culture of Cohere, as well as those I cowork with on a regular basis. I have met and connected with amazing people, people who not only inspire me in my current business, but really activate me to take my company, Buzzword, to the next level. More importantly, the like-mind connections I am creating help me craft my very own kick-ass Petri dish.

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