7 Unexpected Free Meeting Spaces in Fort Collins

If you’re NOT a non-profit, nothing is quite as difficult and nuanced as finding free meeting space in Fort Collins. A simple project I titled, “find all the meeting spaces in Fort Collins” escalated so quickly I had to hire a research assistant to help with the heavy lifting. It took her SIX hours to track all the spaces down and I’m sure we are still missing some meeting rooms in town. I’m now looking at a spreadsheet that is 76 meeting rooms long with FOURTEEN columns of criteria.

I’m starting to understand why no one has tackled this project.

We began our research with the “Mostly Only Helpful To Non-Profits” document from our local United Way. I’ll be honest, that used to be my go-to for people but it’s so infuriatingly focused on non-profits that it’s almost worthless to meetup groups, hobby groups and casual gatherings. The UNITED WAY put that together. It SHOULD be focused on non-profits.

By and large, meeting rooms in Fort Collins cost money. I get it. A small sliver of Cohere’s revenue comes from renting out space but as our rooms sat empty most of the time I had even more irritated emotions. WHY HAVE A ROOM SIT EMPTY WHEN I CAN BE OF USE TO SOME GROUPS THAT NEED IT?!

So I set out to find the Unicorns of meeting rooms. I wanted rooms that have an almost impossible set of criteria. Is it possible that Fort Collins could have meeting rooms that are free, responsive to inquiries, have good availability and few restrictions on use? I found a few and I want everyone to know about them.

And so I reveal to you the Difficult to Find 7 Unexpected Free Meeting Spaces in Fort Collins. Go forth and MEET. Link to ALL meeting spaces in Fort Collins.

Gryphon Games and Comics/Purple Cup Cafe

Capacity: 8, 20, 25, 40 in FOUR different rooms

Location in Fort Collins: Midtown at Drake and Shields

Cost: Free

Fill out this request form

Bonus Points: ample parking

Unicorn Score: 5/5 rainbow sprinkles because I couldn’t find any faults and they seem to have built their business around being useful.

Pour Brothers

Capacity: 2-30

Location in Fort Collins: Old Town on Linden Street

Cost: free

Contact form to reserve time

Bonus Points: Mondays from 4-6pm meetup groups can get 1 free appetizer/4 people

Unicorn Score: 4/5 rainbow sprinkles because it’s not private.


Capacity: 30-50

Location in Fort Collins: Midtown at Drake and College

Cost: free

Call to reserve a time: 970-449-6948

Bonus Points: Mulligan’s is the largest free non-church meeting space we could find

Unicorn Score: 5/5 rainbow sprinkles.

Community of Christ Church

Capacity: 75

Location in Fort Collins: Old Town on Oak Street

Cost: free, possible donations needed

Call to reserve a time: 970-692-9922

Bonus Points: this space is well-equipped with mic, podium, projector and screen

Unicorn Score: 3/5 rainbow sprinkles because of their website. I can’t even. Their room calendar is up to date if you can decipher it.

Community Banks of Colorado

Capacity: 12? ish

Location in Fort Collins: South at Harmony/Boardwalk and Midtown at Drake and Shields

Cost: free

Call to reserve a time: 970-229-1140

Bonus Points: a south location!

Unicorn Score: 3/5 rainbow sprinkles for having limited hours of availability.

Cohere Coworking Space

Capacity: 10

Location in Fort Collins: Old Town at Mulberry and Howes

Cost: free after 6pm M-F and anytime on weekends for working meetup groups (after hours access is available to members and people who go through our meet-n-greet process)

Email to find a time

Bonus Points: since this is a coworking space, it is fully equipped with hi-speed wifi, desks with power built-in and comfy rolling chairs.

Unicorn Score: 4/5 rainbow sprinkles because I refuse to the use the phone to field inquiries.

Cohere ConferEssence Room

Capacity: 20

Location in Fort Collins: Old Town at Mulberry and Howes

Cost: free for meetup groups 24/7 (all hours access is available to our members and groups who go through the meet-n-greet process)

Check the calendar and then email to reserve.

Bonus Points: space is private and separate from the rest of the coworking space. Has whiteboard, flat panel display, configurable seating and a window.

Unicorn Score: 5/5 rainbow sprinkles because it’s my business :)


Here is a link to every meeting space in Fort Collins we found. Rooms at the top of the list are either totally free, somewhat free or free for particular groups. Other meeting rooms are fee-based.

Meeting Space in Fort Collins

It can be hard to find just the right meeting room or conference space in Fort Collins. If you add Old Town or “free” to the mix, it gets even harder. Whether you’re planning a free meetup group or need a place to host a board meeting or company retreat, Cohere has you covered. Check out our affordable and sometimes free meeting spaces in Old Town Fort Collins.

Conference Room (ConferEssence Room)

We designed this space to banish the bland and bring a little softness to the cold hard meeting rooms around town. By using a softer color and goddess-inspired accessories, you can bring your group or team into this refreshing conference room and not feel too corporate.

Stats: Seats 12 around a large table or 20 in a circle or horseshoe configuration.


  • Wifi
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Smart TV flatscreen with apple tv or hdmi port
  • 4 tables on wheels
  • up to 20 stacking chairs
  • window
  • restroom is adjacent in hallway
  • $20/hour* or $120/day

Find a time to host your meeting on our Cohere Conference Room calendar at the bottom of this page.


If a meetup group needs free space to work and can give us some word of mouth, we offer our coworking area to their groups for free on weekends.

Stats: seats 9 at desks and 2 at standing desks for a total of 11 people.


  • Wifi
  • natural light
  • restrooms
  • kitchen/coffee
  • $40/hour* or $180/day

We donate space to meetup groups on a case by case basis so email Angel here to inquire.

Small Meeting Room

Sometimes you just need to meet a client or two and wish you didn’t have to do that at the coffee shop. Our small conference room is perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to host meetings in a professional setting.

Stats: 4-5 around a rectangular table with comfy chairs


  • Wifi
  • whiteboard
  • window
  • restroom is adjacent in hallway
  • $15/hour* or $90/day
  • coffee for you and your guests

Find a time to host your meeting on our Small Meeting Room calendar at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Events + Cohere Closed on Monday

  • NoCoFAT always centers around the lounge at Cohere!

    Tonight is NoCoFAT from 5-8p! Join us for this casual monthly get together where we drink beverages and eat snacks and generally have a good time. Bring beverages/snacks to share.

  • Cohere is closed on Monday for the holiday.  Cohere will be open as usual on Tuesday the 7th.
  • Weds the 8th, Ignite tix go on sale at 9:25am.
  • Thursday starts with breakfast at Snooze at 7:30 am (time has been changed!) THEN
  • Suzanne’s Akinz Fall Preview is Thursday evening. Come support the hippest, local fashion designer and Cohere member by trying on all the new fall and SALE items before you buy. She’ll also have a “beanie creation station” where you can hand pick colors for a custom beanie!  Join us Thursday from 6p-9p at Cohere. Tell all your friends and bring your cash! Please RSVP via the Akinz link above.

1985 in Old Town Square

The coworkers love a good theme party.  Naturally, when we found out that the Downtown Business Association was throwing a “Party like it’s 1985” event to celebrate 25 years since the Square was dedicated, we rifled through the backs of our closets for some good outfits.

A few things happened last Friday as a result of reincarnating the 80’s:

  • I found out that my hair goes in to a side ponytail like it prefers to be styled that way
  • Ladies who lived through the 80’s had outfits that were much more “gritty Madonna” style than the
  • Ladies who were born in the 80’s and had outfits that looked modern and in fashion
  • Hot Coral fingernail polish becomes a permanent part of your body if you wear it for more than 2 days

Jeanie & Julie

Suzanne & Megan

Compare and contrast these photos. Can you guess which gals were teens in the 80’s?

What was your favorite part of the 80’s?  If you’ve got photos of the big party, upload them to twitter @coherellc!

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