I Earned a Business Closure


This is a hard thing to write. Lots of people look to me as a person who has everything figured out so when I have to tell the world that I *don’t* have everything figured out and that one of my businesses failed, it stings all the more.

The shared rehearsal space for bands I opened in 2015, Cohere Bandwidth, went out of business. Ouchy.

By all accounts and using my very own methods of building the community first, seeking constant input from our customers, holding events, having focus groups, doing pricing research and being as frugal as I could I just couldn’t make it work and it HURTS.

It’s like being kicked in the crotch by a profit and loss report that is holding a fistful of drum sticks.

I am hyper focused on my failure yet my community only sent messages of support, love and encouragement. They said things like, “you are amazing, you did a hard thing.” “I can’t wait to see what impossible thing you do next!” “Chin up, what do you have in the hopper for us now?”

My community is sad but they haven’t lost faith in me. If anything, they think Bandwidth was merely an iteration of THE NEXT BIG THING.

It’s easy to be too focused on failure EVEN BEFORE YOU START.

Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from starting. Your coworking space might never take off. Your coworking space might close at some point in the future. You will be okay.

I’m here to tell you that if you do fail, you can look behind you and see a whole bunch of supportive faces. You’ll remember how many amazing friends you met that you never would have crossed paths with otherwise. You’ll have files filled with pictures of people and events and happy times. So even if you lose the business, you never lose the people.

Love and Iterations,

ps. I REALLY dislike the word failed. Let’s replace it with the word earned instead. I earned a business closure. Doesn’t that feel better?


Image credit: Dagny Mol

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