The Secret to Shopping at IKEA for Coworking Furniture

If you’re starting a coworking space or just launched one, you know that furniture is your largest expense.

I’ve messed up coworking furniture a few different times and have finally NAILED IT (literally and figuratively).

I’ve furnished FOUR different shared/coworking spaces over the years and boy have I screwed it up. From highly custom handbuilt curved workstations to bomb-proof college dorm desks, I’ve really put my members through the desk gauntlet and most times FAILED them. I’ve furnished spaces with uneven wood floors to carpeted floors to floors with lots of stains that required strategic rug placement. One floor was so uneven members couldn’t stay pushed up to the desk on our rolling chairs. We joked that we should install carabiners to “clip in” for safety.

Here’s me in 2010 at the closest IKEA posing proudly with a U-Haul filled with mistakes.

I drove 8 hours to Salt Lake City’s IKEA only to come home with one-half of my office chairs in the wrong color. These white chairs provided lots of opportunities for Miami Vice jokes, and stupidly absorbed the denim dye from everyone’s jeans so they looked old and dirty after approximately three days of use. Don’t even get me started on the couch the members called the “Slip-n-Slide.”

The important thing is that I learned from my mistakes and have finally found the right furniture for small coworking spaces. Rejoice because I did all the experimentation for you, and now you don’t have to waste your precious money on screw ups like I did.

Click here to get the entire IKEA shopping list that will fully furnish a 12 workstation or 1,000 ft2 coworking space for under $5,000.

When you join the next Ultimate Coworking Launch Sequence Cohort group, you’ll get the pages of narrative I wrote for each item as well. I explain WHY I selected each item and HOW they are the best choices for new coworking space owners. The Launch ebook also includes about 100 other pages of actionable tips, tricks and checklists for soon-to-be or new coworking space owners.

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