Angel Kwiatkowski :: Coworking Consultant

If you are a coworking space catalyst looking for help from someone with real world experience running a coworking space, I’m your gal! Space catalysts who work with me most appreciate that I offer them practical, actionable tips for how to start a coworking space and build a community.

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Coworking Space Catalyst Consulting & Help

I help passionate people to open a coworking space in their community. My five week program will help you understand the foundations of the coworking movement, your target market, where to site your space, the principles of community engagement/facilitation, how much it really costs to open a space and basic business planning.

I take a maximum of 3 clients at a time so book early and with great relish! Commitment phobic? That’s okay, take a gander at the coworking ebooks I’ve written as a simple and affordable start to build your coworking resources and knowledge.

Angel’s Qualifications

  • Founded Fort Collins’ first and largest community-managed shared office space in 2009.
  • Founded Fort Collins’ first shared rehearsal space for musicians strategically located inside a creative hub.
  • Expanded Cohere’s physical footprint 4 times in 5 years.
  • Speaker at SXSW Ignite Austin (2011), GCUC Kansas City (2014) and GCUC Canada (2015)
  • Author of two of the first published books on coworking and an internationally consumed blog with over 330 entries.
  • Has close and lasting relationships with the early founders of coworking and meets annually with the other veterans for shared mentorship and industry-wide goal setting.


“Angel is a rare and unique individual who can: 1. develop innovative ideas that have real value to the community and 2. execute and implement in a flawless manner. Angel designed Cohere in the most thoughtful way and was responsive to the community’s and members’ needs. As a result she has a renowned reputation for her smart and witty way, entrepreneurial spirit and building community.” -Lucinda Kerschensteiner, Regional Director, The Center for Social Change (Miami / Colorado)

“Angel is an absolute gem. She is one of those people you just want to be around, not only because she is spectacularly funny, but because she is honest, caring, and unstoppably thoughtful. It has been an honor to call her a mentor, peer, and friend in the coworking movement for many years. Her contributions to the coworking community on a global scale have been valuable to me personally, and I know have made an impact in so many communities around the world.”-Susan Evans, Co-Founder, Office Nomads (Seattle)

“Angel is great at connecting the dots: within a community and between your thoughts! She’s a catalyst for action and sees the inherent value in collaboration and communication. Meeting her was a life-changer, no joke. Angel offers pragmatic, action-oriented advice AND she’s a terrific resource for positive, creative ideas that are relevant to your business. Like a one-two punch plus a high-five.”-Julie Sutter, Copywriter

“Angel gave me some great insight into the challenges I was facing in developing a coworking community. Her experience and resources for nailing down my cash flow, contracts, and marketing gave me a great starting point. However, over the long haul, her ideas and advice for inspiring and educating people is what has sustained me. I feel like I’m still growing in many directions and have had many “aha” moments where I remember and appreciate a bit of wisdom she shared.”-Monique Larsen, Owner, Inventive Media

“Angel’s coworking consulting program for space catalysts is a excellent service. All the sessions were focused around the core values of the coworking movement. I was most impressed by Angel’s passion for coworking. Angel doesn’t just present material from stock presentations. She takes the time to build a relationship with you and genuinely thinks of you more as a colleague in the coworking movement as opposed to just a client. She provides history behind all of her suggestions on what has worked in coworking up to this point and what hasn’t really been successful. Angel has a tremendous ability to focus in on what will benefit the client the most. In our particular case it was the community building portion of coworking. She really focused in on those particular sessions and provided us tangible suggestions that will enable us to avoid some pitfalls she has seen in the launch of other coworking spaces. Angel has the uncanny ability to remove constraints and focus in on what will help us out the most in starting a coworking community. We were most grateful for her help in offering such a great service.” -Steve & Emily, Colorado Catalysts

“Angel knows a great deal about coworking and is constantly learning about new trends in this growing movement. Her knowledge is evident from her blog posts and helpful responses she provides online in various coworking forums. However, Angel’s real value is the personal relationship and detailed responses she provides that are catered to each client. She was willing to teach me but also eager to do the hard detailed work of providing valuable contacts and relevant street data that only comes with experience and a dedication to helping other coworking catalysts succeed. With her help I am more confident my new coworking community will succeed and be a powerful facility for all of the future coworkers in Denver. If you want to learn more about coworking in general, the business aspect of it, or learn how to develop a community focused facility then she is an exceptional resource. I would recommend her to anyone.” -Craig Baute, Space Catalyst, Denver, Colorado-

“Angel has an effective and fun approach to helping a business owner improve their business. She has a knack for ignoring the noise and zeroing in on a business’s most vital functions. In my case Angel helped me understand the use and value of social media as an inexpensive marketing tool and has also helped me update one of my product offerings to incorporate the most modern scenario planning tools available.” – Michael Clingan, Marketing Strategist:The Claymore Group

“Launching my small business in January 2011 has been such an exciting process, but also a bit terrifying! Working with Angel Kwiatkowski has provided me with great business development resources and tools. But more importantly, Angel has instilled a sense of confidence in me throughout this endeavor. It has been so beneficial to have a consultant to reach out to with questions and concerns. I highly recommend working with Angel!” -Amanda Miller, Event Planner: The Place Setting Company-

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