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Limited Seats (10) in the January 2017 Cohort

This small group of new coworking space founders meets in a weekly video call for 6 weeks. The Cohort is a companion to and an accelerant for the Ultimate Coworking Launch Sequence ebook.

The Cohort is designed around the ebook with a very defined syllabus of activities, experiences and sharing (just like coworking!). Angel is an experienced coworking founder, community manager and facilitator of groups. You’ll NEVER be just a face on a screen when you’re in the Launch Cohort. There is space to get to know one another, support each other and get valuable resources and answers. You’ll also make friends and who doesn’t want to make friends?!

There are two ways to be a part of the Launch Sequence: buy the ebook only OR join the cohort and get the book for FREE .

Praise for the Cohort:

60% of Cohort participants would have paid MORE for the Cohort than they did.

100% of Cohort participants would recommend the ebook AND the Cohort to other coworking space catalysts.

“I get ideas every week! That has been so helpful!”

“The weekly calls are priceless…time to ask questions and hear others perspective.”

About the book:

This first-of-its-kind coworking resource will guide you through the following sections with a fun mixture of checklists, journal questions, reflection items, timelines and concrete lists of where to look to get what you need TO-DO TO-DONE:

  • Early Learning: resources for all coworking catalysts so you learn what you need to know and where to look without wasting your time
  • Bossy Pants: a by-the-book list of all the business-y things you’ll need to learn and do to get peace of mind and avoid getting terrifying and expensive mail from the IRS
  • Community & Connections: evergreen tips, tricks and techniques for finding and building your community that stand the test of time
  • Marketing: find your community’s voice and amplify it on platforms that matter
  • Earthly Things: energy-saving checklists to help you stock your space before launch

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