Launch Checklist for a Coworking Space


So much more than just a checklist!

This first-of-its-kind coworking resource will guide you through the following sections with a fun mixture of checklists, journal questions, reflection items, timelines and concrete lists of where to look to get what you need TO-DO TO-DONE:

  • Early Learning: resources for all coworking catalysts so you learn what you need to know and where to look without wasting your time
  • Bossy Pants: a by-the-book list of all the business-y things you’ll need to learn and do to get peace of mind and avoid getting terrifying and expensive mail from the IRS
  • Community & Connections: evergreen tips, tricks and techniques for finding and building your community that stand the test of time
  • Marketing: find your community’s voice and amplify it on platforms that matter
  • Earthly Things: energy-saving checklists to help you stock your space before launch

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