Cotivation Guide for Coworking Spaces
Cotivation Guide for Coworking Spaces

Cotivation: A Facilitator’s Guide to Productivity in Coworking Spaces


Solves: Lack of productivity, un-engaged communities, cases of the “Mondays,” disconnected members

Best for: New coworking communities, existing communities that need a reboot, remote workers, freelancers, non-profits, job-seekers

Authors: Susan Dorsch of Office Nomads & Tony Bacigalupo of New Work Cities

Cotivation is a five-week program for members of a coworking community. Participants meet on a weekly basis to set goals and revisit previous commitments, so every participant has a chance to make progress with the help of fellow coworkers. Weekly meetings ensure everyone has a sense of accountability as well as ongoing guidance from helpful peers. Challenges are routinely identified, tackled, then re-examined, so participants can feel a sense of not just progress in their work but in their development as better professionals and more well-rounded people.

This comprehensive 23 page guide can be printed by either the community manager or a member. It gives the facilitator everything they need to organize their own Cotivation group so there is no guess-work in the process. Cohere members have been facilitating their own Cotivation groups for nearly a year. It’s one of THE most sought after activities in our space. I appreciate that I can hand this guide to a member and they can do the rest!


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