Donuts and Discussion Coworking Event
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Coworking Event Guide: Donuts and Discussion


Solves: Coworking Community Manager Burnout

Best For: New Catalysts, Experienced Coworking Founders, Community Managers

As community-centered coworking spaces, we put on A LOT of events. If you’re having trouble attracting members to your events, stumped on what event to have next or TIRED from doing all the heavy lifting associated with traditional events, look no further!

Cohere has knit itself together over the years over donuts. Rather than just plunk a box of donuts on a table and call it a day, we intentionally gather our members AROUND the donuts and answer a question. Connections are made, tears are shed and laughter is abundant. Try it.

This handy coworking guide is a printable ONE PAGE planning & execution document to host a donuts and discussion event in your community. Follow the guide, get donuts. If this free guide blows your mind, you don’t even want to look at the Ultimate Coworking Launch Sequence.



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