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How-to Work Sprint at a Coworking Space


Solves: Lack of Productivity for Coworking Members

Best For: Coworking Members, New Catalysts, Experienced Coworking Founders

So simple it seems silly. A few weeks ago, I proclaimed that I was SUPER unproductive and remembered that there is a thing called “Work Sprints.” The Cohere members decided to experiment with one by writing down our names and goals on a sheet of paper then setting a timer for 1 hour. 100% of us got everything done on our lists. What?!

Since that fateful day, members have begun to request and lead work sprints several times a week. This simple, printable black and white 1 page download is an easy and fun way to engage your members while helping them be ultra-productive. Please share and print this with everyone! I leave a stack of them in our coworking space so any member can grab one and host a work sprint.


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