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IKEA Shopping List: 12 Workstation Coworking Space


**Included for FREE in the Ultimate Coworking Launch Sequence ebook**

Over the past seven years I’ve gone through FOUR kinds of desks, 34 trips to IKEA and spent thousands of stupid dollars wasting my time researching, buying, assembling and hating most kinds of furniture for my coworking space. I want to SAVE YOU from that kind of pain and needless spending.

There are TWO downloads for this product. The first is a REAL IKEA shopping list containing $4,022.80 worth of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you MUST HAVE to start a DIY coworking space. You can literally print it off and take it into the store. It includes all the most essential basics you will need to start a small coworking space with 12 workstations, lounge seating, kitchen and a conference room that seats 6-8 people. It includes a few decor items but I didn’t include art or doo-dads since YOU should put those types of finishing touches on your space and preferably not from IKEA so you don’t end up with a showroom instead of a coworking space.

The second file is EIGHT pages of me explaining to you why I selected what I did and why everything on the list is better, more comfortable or more functional than any other choice for these price points.

Almost everyone who crosses Cohere’s threshold exclaims that Cohere has THE BEST decor and furniture layouts/arrangements and that the space feels comfy like “home.” Frankly, that’s the highest compliment I could get. We are not highly corporate, we could never afford commercial style furniture but I’ve spent years perfecting how to furnish a coworking space in a way that is super productive, super flexible, comfortable and creative.

By getting this list you’ll save 10 or more hours flipping through IKEA’s website, 8-10 hours commuting back and forth to IKEA and somewhere around $3,000 in furniture you will hate. I only selected items that I have personal experience with from the desks to the forks. Also, buy extra forks.



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