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How to BElong to Our Community:

BE yearning for interaction
BE willing to introduce yourself, make friends and help
BE ready to participate in impromptu and planned events
BE eager to help everyone feel proud of our space and the people in it
BE prepared for abundance (work, laughter, goodwill, and more)

Are you tired of noisy coffee shops and their unstable WiFi? Has your startup outgrown the garage? Do you love working at home but long to bounce ideas off of someone other than the cat?

We believe that by working in close proximity to other creative, talented people, we can all become stronger, more successful, and more inclined to put on pants in the morning. We call this no-brainer “coworking.”

Working independently-but-together saves money, boosts the local economy, and reduces our individual impact on the environment. Many of our members experience significant increases in productivity and profit within a month or two of signing up, just ask them.

Becoming a member of the Cohere Coworking community gives you unlimited access to the collective intelligence of the members, high speed wireless internet, free coffee (and sometimes snacks!) and a variety of seating options–all guaranteed to be free from the distractions of home and the din of the coffee shop.

2013-05-31 20.03.36Here are just a few of the awesome members-only programs:

  • “Cotivation” is our weekly small group accountability session to keep us motivated and achieving our goals. Together.
  • Donut Socials to eat donuts and meet one another.
  • Curated Connections (lunches) organized by our Community Cultivators introduce you to interesting people you may other wise never meet.
  • Impromtu social events include: “quick! patio break!”, “omg I need coffee, will you come with me?” and “who wants to go to Big Al’s?”.
  • Group volunteer activities.
  • Take a look at our Neighborhood Map. These are all of our favorite places that are walking distance from Cohere.

Interested? Take a look at the variety of membership options below to see which might be right for you. Please sign up for a tour or free day pass before deciding.

Fan Explorer Nomad Wayfarer Neighbor
$29/mo $60/mo $149/mo $229/mo $279/mo
Online community & social events 1 day or night per week 3 days
per week
5 days per week 24/7
N/A Flex Desk Flex Desk Flex Desk Reserved

*Mailbox service and business address are available for Wayfarer, Neighbor, and Private Office members.


“Being a part of Cohere has provided me a place to connect and sense of community for my virtual work space. The internet is fast, coffee pot is always on and a friendly smile to greet you at the door or engage in conversation.”


“I have belonged to Cohere Old Town for three years. I have found the community of workers to be very supportive. We have frequent get-togethers to meet new members and catch up with each other. Angel is a fantastic leader / owner. She puts a lot of energy into the care and feeding of our community..”


“Global Leaders has worked from a private office in the Cohere Community for the last 3 years, and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve tapped the talented folks here so many times to help us tackle challenges, and are a stronger organization for it. Plus, we love being able to spread the gospel of direct trade coffee by brewing it for the members. We love Cohere!”


“I love coming into the office for friendly banter, good ideas, and a clean space to work.”


“Nice, smart people. And bandwidth!”
Carson Block, Library Technology Consultant


“I absolutely value my fellow Coherians for their insight, advice and connection to the community.”
Jenny Benton-Fischer, Graphic Designer


“Executive office suites can give you some perks, but coworking gives you some peeps. And that’s how I work best – as an independent spirit in a interdependent world.”
Julie Sutter, Freelance Writer and Coworking Convert


Here’s the thing about Cohere. People genuinely help each other. It’s not forced, like those groups where people insincerely follow some networking formula, asking “how can I help you?” It’s connecting with a tech expert that willing helps you, a complete non-techie, finally figure out how to backup her computer and update its operating system for the first time in…ever!”


“I love the community – both physical and online. My fellow Coherians have been a great resource time and again with answers to questions, referrals for other services my clients need and collaboration on projects, as well as a much valued sounding board.”
Ellen Bryant, Graphic Designer


“The camaraderie provided by the Cohere community gave me confidence, opened up new opportunities, and most importantly, allowed me to create friendships with talented people I respect and admire.”
Beth Buczynski, Wordsmith at See Beth Write, LLC