1985 in Old Town Square

The coworkers love a good theme party. ┬áNaturally, when we found out that the Downtown Business Association was throwing a “Party like it’s 1985” event to celebrate 25 years since the Square was dedicated, we rifled through the backs of our closets for some good outfits.

A few things happened last Friday as a result of reincarnating the 80’s:

  • I found out that my hair goes in to a side ponytail like it prefers to be styled that way
  • Ladies who lived through the 80’s had outfits that were much more “gritty Madonna” style than the
  • Ladies who were born in the 80’s and had outfits that looked modern and in fashion
  • Hot Coral fingernail polish becomes a permanent part of your body if you wear it for more than 2 days

Jeanie & Julie

Suzanne & Megan

Compare and contrast these photos. Can you guess which gals were teens in the 80’s?

What was your favorite part of the 80’s? ┬áIf you’ve got photos of the big party, upload them to twitter @coherellc!

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