3 Coworking Benefits for the Entire Family

Guest post from a member’s husband. Cohere Coworking Community has far reaching benefits beyond what individual members gain from the experience of coworking.

Since my wife has started coworking at Cohere it has unexpectedly improved my life in a few ways, and it has nothing to do with additional income.  It has increased the quality of our life here at home, making me a huge fan.  Not that we want to get rid of her, but we are thrilled that she is coworking!  Here’s why:

1. Quality one-on-one time with the kids

I work all day and have few quality moments with my boys during the week.   I get home during the chaos of dinner and bedtime routines.  On coworking nights, my boys and I set up the living room like a movie theater, turn off all of the lights and wrap up with blankets and popcorn.  We watch fun movies and eat candy that my wife probably wouldn’t let them eat during the day.  We call this “Boy’s Party” and it’s the highlight of our week.

2. Decreases guilt/increases balance for personal activities

I am an avid fly fisherman and the river is my sanctuary.  Being able to get out with my flyrod is really important and recharges me.  With my wife having a dedicated night for coworking, I’ve been able to have a dedicated fishing night.  It’s a great balance and we don’t feel guilty for having our own personal interests.

3. Moments of peace and quiet

On the nights that my wife coworks, after the kids are in bed, the house is silent.  There’s nobody to talk to, there’s nothing to think about.  It’s a treasured moment of true peace and silence, which is much needed after a long day at work.  It’s quite relaxing and restful – everyone should have a few moments to themselves to decompress.

You’d think that with our busy life and day’s full of activities that my wife leaving for night coworking once a week would be taxing, but it’s not.  It actually helps us balance some important aspects of all of our lives.

Moms: Try out a Free Day Pass for night coworking every Wednesday night between 4pm-10pm. BYOWine/Beer if you need it!

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