3 things to attend this weekend in Fort Collins, Colorado

Last week was notably tech-centered but this week is all about giving back and helping out.  Hop on your bike and support some local businesses and non-profits in our ‘hood.

Saturday Night: My First Time, a play at Nonesuch Theater. Support this itty bitty theater just around the corner from Cohere Coworking Community. Can’t attend this week? The play runs through October. Check the event page for details.

My late little dog, Lima Bean, came from a shelter. You too can support the health and welfare of majestic beasts like this one.

Saturday Night: Animal House Fundraiser Brew Fest. Enjoy beer from 30 different breweries (or a smaller sample if you want to walk out on your own!) and support a local no-kill animal shelter.  Our beloved Heiditown is having a giveaway of 2 free tickets. Head over there for your chance to attend for free.

Sunday Morning: WAFFLE FEED! I feel like I shouldn’t need to explain the importance of attending an event that specializes in feeding you platters of waffles. Nothing takes me back to my prairie upbringing like the promise of food in return for charity. Donate to Trees, Water & People in return for batter, butter and syrup.

What else is happening in your world this week?

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