4 Tips For Service Based Businesses

Last week I shared with you that the CEO of Evernote thinks that love can pay the bills. This week I’ll share more of his wisdom by giving you four tips for creating a wildly successful service based business.

1. Deep personalization

Be a fundamental part of your users’ lives. Do your customers need to log in to you or your service daily? Can they customize the service that you provide so that it is meaningful to them? Ponder Facebook for moment. They’ve wiggled their way in to our daily routine and each time you upload a photo or share a link, your profile becomes more YOU.

2. Connectedness

Create a service that breeds evangelists to bring people to your service. The longer people use it, the more people in their lives that will use it which promotes stickiness and community. Can your customers create community around your service? Think of your favorite cafe. The more you go there the more people you recognize and get to know. People are more likely to return to places that are filled with familiarity.

3. Prestige

Can your customers gain bragging rights for longevity the longer they use your service? Have you ever been a “founding member” of anything great? “There’s a level of pride in being an early adopter of something that becomes more and more wonderful with the passage of time.

4. Mastery

As customers use a service, they should be able to get better and better at it. This kind of mastery allows users to become more and more productive and better at it than new customers. Think about coworking. Seasoned coworkers are better at collaborating, socializing and being productive in a space than brand new members. Simplicity is neat but letting your customers learn and master something is even more magical.

Where is your service based business excelling? Let us know in the comments. Lacking inspiration today? Check out our book for freelancers for motivating stories from people just like you.

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