4 word resumes

Inspired by an event which I can no longer remember, I launched a “create your 4 word resume” contest and received the following entries.  I have decided that the 4 word resume should take over the traditional resume.  It takes a good chunk of time to write only 4 words that sum up who you are as a person and if my experience in HR has taught me anything, that’s all the HR folks are reading anyway.  Read on to see the winner.

Graphic & Clothing Designer: Imagination Vendor

Stay at home mom: Skilled incubator

Unknown: I care

Writer: Writes well for money

Game developer: I am a Ninja

Unknown: Jill of all trades

Trainer: Passionate about Singapore Math

Art Advocate: I teach sustainable creativity

Community Platform Builder: I know my gifts

Writer: Creates content, changes world

Marketing Strategist: Strategic Marketing Trail Guide

Videographer: Telling Creative Visual Stories

Programmer: Computer plumber, mirth maker

Programmer: Will work for comics

Web Dev: I am a Drupalista

After a quick vote yesterday during Free Coworking Day, a clear winner emerged: Creates content, changes world.  Congratulations to veteran Coherian and writer, Beth @gonecoworking who just won an Explorer pass for the month.  This will be Beth’s last month at Cohere before she launches her year long travels across the USA as a truly location independent freelancer!

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