5 Ways Coworking Could Save Your Small Business


Struggles are inevitable for entrepreneurs. Joining a coworking space can help your small business thrive through tough times.

Starting a business isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Running a business requires focus, dedication, and hard work. It’s easy for entrepreneurs to become so focused on keeping the bills paid, they can forget how vital factors like social interaction and new perspectives can be to the success of their business.

Here are five compelling reasons to extend your reach beyond your home office and join a coworking space or virtual community:

1. Motivation

Joining a coworking community is like getting a double shot of motivation right in the ticker. It might surprise you to know that there are people that will find your ideas, talents, or products delightful and will support and encourage you.

They are called coworkers, and they are waiting to inspire you to keep going—and reach for more.

2. Networking

Aside from those special souls that were born for cold calling, have you ever met someone that truly enjoys big networking events? Whether the networking event is in person or online, there are new protocols for everything, and they seem to change with each interaction. It’s awkward and it’s exhausting.

When you’re a coworker, networking ceases to be a series of traumatizing events and instead becomes a natural part of your daily conversation. Each day, you can interact with someone new, with a whole set of talents, ambitions, and business contacts waiting to be discovered.

3. Outsourcing

If you’ve got more work than you know what to do with, there’s no need to give up your sleep or force your family into indentured servitude. As a member of a coworking space, you have a built-in pool of talented, motivated freelancers to turn to. And if your current coworkers aren’t the right fit for your project, they are sure to be able to point you to the individual who is.

Not only will your clients think you’ve developed superhuman powers because of how fast things get done when you engage your coworking contacts, but you’ll also gain major karma points in the freelancing community.

4. Barter and Trade

Money tight? Working in a community of small business owners and freelancers means that everyone around you can relate to clients who ignore invoices and struggling bank accounts.

Firstly, if you’re here in Colorado with us, check out this great list of alternative funding sources from the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade.

Secondly, if you are part of a coworking space, you’ll typically have no trouble finding a coworker that’s willing to trade you graphic design work for some marketing know how, or new head shots in exchange for a snappy press release. Coworking spaces are often treasure troves of talent. You will be astounded at the variety of time and money saving options available.

5. Creativity

Traditional business people swear by “location, location, location.” For creatives and entrepreneurs, the mantra is “ideas, ideas, ideas.” Writer’s block, brain farts, and design paralysis are no match for a community of creatively endowed people being productive together.

If a problem project has you stymied, try announcing it to the built-in focus group seated all around you (check to make sure they don’t have their headphones in first). You’ll be surprised at how quickly useful ideas and resources will appear.

Are you ready to find out more about this fantastic opportunity?

Sign up for a virtual or in-person tour of Cohere Coworking today in Old Town Fort Collins, and prepare to be wowed!

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