Be at Cohere at 5:30pm TODAY!

What’s happening at Cohere lately? A lot.

In the very nearest future (and by very nearest I mean at 5:30 pm tonight!), NoCoFAT will be having its bi-monthly meetup at our lovely coworking space; there really is no better place to hold a casual get together for savvy and creative individuals than our creatively savvy work space. Spokesbuzz will make announcements regarding Fort Collins local bands attending South by Southwest and will also be providing the beer and margaritas for the evening. Tonight’s meetup will also be included with a preview of Angel’s Ignite Austin presentation,  which brings me to the next happenings for Cohere in the next to nearest future.

Ignite Austin is an event that functions as a part of South by South West in Austin, TX. The challenge of Ignite Austin: speakers have 5 minutes and 20 slides to express their passion, technology, art, purpose, whatever they choose to express and share with others. Angel will be one of the 16 speakers,  sharing her insights with the entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across the globe on “The Future of Coworking”. Her five minutes and twenty slides will be dedicated to exploring four possible futures of coworking, Golden Girls style. Ignite Austin will take place on March 11,  and the local preview is tonight at 7 @ Cohere.

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