Angel, Beth, Coworking and Sxsw

Beth and I are headed to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (an annual festival of uncanny proportions). Beth will accompany me for the first two days on an epic whirlwind of coworking amazing-ness. Here’s our itinerary so you can stalk us more effectively:

Wednesday March 9th: we land, cab to my vacay rental and dump our belongings. We’ll then figure out the bus system which I’ll have to ride 30 minutes each way to get downtown. I’ve never been car-free so this is an exercise in eco-adventure for me. After we get downtown, I have no idea what will happen.

Thursday March 10th: this day is so jam packed with coworking activities that I can only give it to you chronologically.

  • Breakfast: we’ve been invited to eat (pancakes I hope- in solidarity with the Business of Freelancers who will be doing the same that morning) with some of my virtual coworking peeps from around the US. Touted as a “warm-up” for the day’s later activities.
  • Lunch: Beth and I have both been invited to attend a workshop put on by Emergent Research and Intuit in preparation for their report on the future of work in 2020. The attendance list for this workshop is like a who’s who in the coworking industry across the globe right now. We’re honored to be included in such an important project. Here’s the list of who we’ll be with:

Julian Nachtigal – Parisoma, San Francisco, CA, Iris Kavanagh – NextSpace, Santa Cruz, CA, Liz Elam – Link Coworking, Austin, TX, Campbell McKellar – LooseCubes, New York, NY, Neal Gorenflo – Shareable, Palo Alto, CA, Jennifer Magnolfi – Herman Miller, Grand Rapids, MI, Jacob Sayles – Office Nomads, Seattle, WA, Susan Evans – Office Nomads, Seattle, WA, Carsten Foertsch – Deskmag, Berlin, Germany, Jean-Yves Huwart – Enterprise Global, Brussels, Belgium, Tony Bacigalupo – New Work City, New York, NY

  • After Lunch: THE COWORKING UNCONFERENCE! This was originally the ONLY coworking activity on our radar. It’ll be 8-10 hours of coworking nerdery with people who we’ve only ever known online. In a mix of structured and on the spot discussions, roundtables and panels we’ll discuss the values, future, trends, best practices and more in coworking.

Friday, March 11th, 6pm: Ignite Austin. Yours truly has been asked to present on The Future of Coworking (to an audience that is 1,000 strong and growing by the day). If there’s going to be a live stream, I’ll be sure and clue you in as soon as I know. I also don’t know where I am in the lineup but I’ll pass that along too when I know more.

Everything after that: I have no idea what will happen now! I do have a Sxsw Interactive Badge which gets me access to about 2,000 different events over the course of 6 days. I’ll be trying hard to video blog each day and share them with you right here on this blog.

Happy Coworking!

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