Business Growth: An argument

Have you ever been part of a company that didn’t want to grow?  The owners were just happy enough with how things were going and decided to stay on that course?  I never have.  The only companies I’ve been a part of that weren’t growing were, in fact, downsizing b/c they grew too quickly or too stupidly for their own good and wound up laying off the people they couldn’t live without 6 months prior.

Why do companies always seem to want to grow?  Is business growth necessary, optional, delightful or some combo thereof? As a somewhat resource-limited kid, I had a certain number of Legos with which to play.  I’d build just about any iteration of a house or car and as long as I used all or nearly all of the pieces at my disposal.  I just didn’t have access to any extra Legos and I don’t really remember yearning for additional Legos (except maybe around my birthday).

So why do I now yearn for more Legos? I don’t really NEED any more building blocks.  I’ve got a pretty sweet Lego house that I’ve built right here.  The walls, floors, ceilings and furnishings are just right. Not to mention it’s filled with just about every kind of ridiculously awesome person in town. What kind of DNA mutation occurred that makes me think that my business needs to grow? I blame years in front of the microwave as a latch-key kid.

Weigh in, my 4 faithful followers. Should a business grow for the sake of growth? Can a business owner ever just be okay with business as usual?

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