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Over the last year, we have all had to find creative ways of staying connected to one another, while still remaining socially distant. One of the many ways the Cohere Community has maintained that connection is through an active online community that keeps in contact via email, Slack, and video chat.

Our online community has allowed us to collaborate with not just members who live here in Colorado, but also with members from more distant locales. This week we asked a few of our more far-flung coworking members to answer a few questions about themselves, where they live, and what they love about Cohere.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

There is a large variety of people who make up the community of Cohere, representing a large cross-section of workers, including entrepreneurs, remote workers, and other community-minded individuals, and that variety extends to our more remote members as well.



I am a designer, speaker, consultant, community builder, and sporadic writer, with a spiritual wanderlust. -Shane Austin, British Columbia, Canada


DarynDI’ve been a part of the coworking movement for 7 years as a founding member, operator, community manager, and consultant. Currently, my consulting work is mainly working with churches (or other public spaces) to repurpose their space to welcoming coworking communities. I live in suburban Dallas with my wife and one of our two adult sons. -Daryn DeZengotita, Texas, USA


SusanDI am one of the cofounders of a fellow coworking space in Seattle, WA called Office Nomads! I moved to the Pacific Northwest nearly two decades ago and immediately set roots—this place felt like home right away. My husband and I have two kids (our eldest is 5 1/2, the youngest just turned 4). I love connecting with people and being outside. -Susan Dorsch, Washington, USA


SherylSI’m the science support supervisor at South Pole Station. I coordinate between the station and grantees to make sure they get all the support they need. I’ve lived in Colorado (and the South Pole) for 11 years, with about half that time being in Fort Collins. I like singing, air conditioning, and Big Bang Theory. -Sheryl Seagraves, South Pole Station, Antarctica


How were you introduced to Cohere?

Most of our long-distance members, while new to Cohere, are veterans of the coworking world who were familiar with our founder, Angel Kwiatkowski. Sheryl was introduced to Cohere by Angel right here in Fort Collins, just before being whisked away to the frozen south.

I was introduced to Cohere when I first met Angel about a million and a half years ago at a coworking thing. We hit it off right away and have been coworking soul sisters ever since. -Susan

I was introduced to Cohere by meeting and getting to know Angel at annual coworking conferences and online. We make each other laugh. -Daryn

What is one thing you love about where you live?

The answers to this question highlighted the importance of community when it comes to our happiness and satisfaction. Although each of our member’s homes is stunning in its own way, what our members really love about where they live are the people involved.

The rich relationships that have been developed in my time here. -Shane

EVERYTHING. But seriously, it’s just beautiful here and the people are amazing. -Sheryl

What productivity tip or strategy have you found most useful?

Cohere members both here and abroad see increased productivity from our virtual work sprints, Cotivation sessions, and an open exchange of ideas and information.

My most useful productivity strategy has got to be using the Pomodoro technique. I recently began using Power Focus, a very simple app that also works well on Apple Watch. -Daryn

Work sprints save my butt all the time. Whether I do one on my own or jump into a group session, having a time-bound chunk that is specifically to get shit done is super helpful. -Susan

What is your favorite way to interact with other Coherians? Slack, Cotivation, work sprints?

Members praised every single one of the platforms listed here—and for good reason. Each of these platforms offers a different benefit and can give your productivity an even bigger boost by combining the three.

Favorite way to interact has been Cotivation. The intentionality of having every person take turns checking in has been a good way to get to know folks. It’s also kinda cool seeing people in their “natural habitats.” -Daryn

Work sprints and cotivation if I can, but Slack is my go-to from here. -Sheryl

How has being a member of Cohere impacted your life?

According to long-distance members, being a member of Cohere has given them a sense of family and broadened their perspective on community, as well as inspiring them to go higher. Two of our long-distance members run coworking communities of their own and find the ability to be a participant rather than a leader both enlightening and freeing.

It’s an inspiration! As someone who also runs a coworking community, it is a gift to be a participant for a change! Y’all are always giving me new ideas that I can bring back to my own community here in Seattle, and I love that we are slowly building some threads between our two groups. Being a member of Cohere has reiterated to me how when a coworking community is given the proper care, it feels like home for all of us. That is no small thing. -Susan

By broadening my perspective on communities. -Shane

Other than Cohere, what is the first place you would plan to visit if you came to Fort Collins?

While two of our members said they would be eager to discover the local charm of Old Town Fort Collins, Sheryl has been dreaming of tasty sushi from Suehiro, and Susan’s first aim would be to knock on her coworking soul sister’s door.

Suehiro!!!!!!! Always Suehiro. -Sheryl

Obviously, the famed Old Town! -Shane

Having coworking members from around the world gives us all the opportunity to develop a broader perspective and a greater sense of community. These four dynamic individuals are just a few of the long-distance community members that you can get to know as you interact virtually with your fellow Coherians.

Whether you are from a bordering state, the bottom of the world, or happen to live right down the block, we would be delighted to get to know you better. We have a variety of virtual and in-person membership options available. Get a free virtual tour of our Old Town Fort Collins facility today!

Penny Leigh Sebring is a Cohere member, experienced freelance writer, neophyte speculative fiction author, and gatherer of information and imaginary friends.

Cover Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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