Come Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Cohere Coworking

**The 10th Anniversary Party for Cohere Coworking has been postponed. Stay tuned for further updates!**


August 4th, 2020


418 S Howes St · Fort Collins, CO · Parking for this location is on the street
Cohere’s entrance is halfway down the south side of our red brick building. Do not enter the Clay Pot door. Once inside the Cohere door, head to the top of the stairs.


There will be a Mr. Rogers photo booth, snacks, beverages, and free childcare available during the event (Childcare is by reservation only.) Sitters from Nanno can keep your kiddos safe and entertained onsite in our large conference room while you enjoy the party. Send Emma an email here if you would like to reserve space for your child or children.

RSVP here.

Angel Kwiatkowski, a self-proclaimed helper, first ventured into the world of coworking in December of 2009. She and her fellow coworkers began gathering in a donated reception area one day each week. By the fifth week, all fourteen chairs were occupied and they “broke the internet”.

In March of 2010, Cohere Coworking was officially launched at a small location in Old Town, just four members strong. On April 2nd, Cohere held its grand opening. The food, drink, and entertainment were all provided by talented locals, and it was a huge success.

Though the walls were thin and the floor a bit slanted in that first location, the community managed to thrive. In 2012 they moved into the 418 S Howes St building that they inhabit today. This wonderfully quirky, older building is one of just two buildings that remain in Fort Collins which have a distinctive butterfly style roof. The multiple floors at the Howes St address give people lots of options on how and where they want to work and on bright days natural light floods into the main workspace. While the building is wonderful, it is not what makes Cohere the remarkable place that it is.

At least part of Cohere’s success can be attributed to their adherence to the core values of coworking— community, openness, collaboration, sustainability, and accessibility. The larger part of Cohere’s success, however, is that it is a friendship-based coworking community. Angel doesn’t count really count her successes in dollars and cents. She counts them in more meaningful things. She counts her successes in things like the number of members who go on walks together, the number of times that members sit down and have a meal together, and the number of members who remain friends after leaving Cohere. She believes in community, honesty, and kindness, and those qualities are the qualities that drive Cohere’s success.

Come celebrate ten years of working and creating side by side, supporting local businesses and charities, and developing productive and supportive friendships. We’ll bring the snacks. You bring you.

Here’s that RSVP link again:

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