Corporate Office Emulates Cohere Coworking Space In Kansas City!

OK, I know it’s Monday and we’re all busy. But I promise, you won’t regret taking 4 minutes to watch this video.

Sent to us by former member Ashok Amaran, this cute clip profiles a corporate office that recently remodeled its space to more closely resemble a coworking environment. Here’s the clincher: Ashok’s mom works at this office, and helped facilitate the transition after being inspired by a visit to Cohere!

Here’s what Ash said:

“After my mom came and saw Cohere last year and my constant evangelism of collaborative spaces, she decided this year to re-do the office space for her team in a very coworking-type of way. No one will have private offices anymore, but instead everyone on her team can share this space and work on any desk, bar table, couch, quiet room, etc. They’ll also have more flexible hours…when they have to be there. There’s going to be quiet phone rooms, a few walls with ideaPaint that lets you use it as a white board, and of course shared desks.”

Check it out!

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