Coworking fits drug addiction criteria

Coworking has become a drug to me.  I love coworking so much that I think about it constantly. I found a list of drug addiction signs and I think coworking fits the bill.

  • Increase or decrease in appetite; changes in eating habits, unexplained weight loss or gain. (yes, we have all gained weight b/c of Kilwin’s/Walrus/Starry Night/Mary’s Cookies and then lost it doing group lunges on the way back to the office)
  • Extreme hyperactivity; excessive talkativeness. (yes, yes and yes especially when @imnickarmstrong is in the house)
  • Change in overall attitude / personality with no other identifiable cause (yep again, we all experience extreme happiness before, during and after coworking).
  • Changes in friends: new hang-outs, avoidance of old crowd, new friends are drug users.(nothing could be truer..we’re in new places, meeting new friends and we are all on coworking)
  • Change in activities; loss of interest in things that were important before.(yes, I have lost interest in a 9-5 job, crappy bosses and tedious meetings and structure for structure’s sake)
  • Skips or is late to work. (we don’t care if you’re late or miss a day but it has happened)
  • Unexplained silliness or giddiness. (I’m not even going to comment)
  • Change in personal grooming habits (yes, we usually get dressed to come to coworking whereas we normally work seminude or in pjs at home aka “pants optional”).
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia. (yes, we’re all packing laptops, travel mugs and smart phones…guilty as charged).

**in case it’s not obvious, I might have tinkered with the graphic, but for having ZERO graphics skills and using Microsoft Paint (I know!, <barf>) I think it looks pretty good.

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