Coworking: What Happens When The Location Changes Daily?

Cohere is growing so quickly that we’ve been wondering how to serve all of the people on the wait list when all of the seats in our only shared office space at 215 Jefferson Street are filled. Since we can’t move to a larger space until March of 2012 we’ve been racking our brains for a solution.

Several pieces of information have come in recently that have helped to guide our latest decision to distribute coworking across the city of Fort Collins.

Here’s what we know:

1. Cohere serves the mobile workforce and the mobile workforce (when they aren’t already members of Cohere) are at coffee shops or any other place with power, wifi and tables.

2. Working from coffee shops can still be an isolating experience as each independent worker sits alone at their table.

3. Angel, the Madame of Cohere, is in physical pain when she has to turn people away from membership because we’ve run out of space.

4. Many Cohere members still enjoy occasionally working from coffee shops for a change of pace or to relive old freelancing memories.

5. Cohere members REALLY enjoy exposing people to what coworking is and telling all of their friends and strangers about it.

Cohere Instant Coworking is born.

Cohere is rapidly developing partnerships with the mobile workforce’s favorite wifi work spots all over town. In the VERY near future, if any Cohere member or intern is out with their laptop working at a coffee shop, brewery, bakery, etc. they’ll invite YOU to join them at their table. Bam. Instant coworking.

Watch for these signs that we’re Instant Coworking:

1. If you follow us on Twitter we’ll use #instantcoworking and the location to alert you.

2. You see some kind of talisman out on the table. It’ll definitely be turquoise in color and might say something like, “Come share my table, I’m working too!”

3. You notice someone who looks really happy AND has an “I’d rather be coworking” sticker on their laptop.

4. Updates on our Facebook Page with sightings at

Where is your very favorite place to work in Fort Collins? We hope to run in to you there and cowork with you soon!

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