Creativity & Profit: What's Culture Got To Do With It?

Wildly successful companies don’t follow the status quo. Industry leaders like Google and Pixar reject the idea that 60-hour work weeks are the only way to stay ahead of the curve. Instead, you might be surprised to learn that their employees enjoy open, flexible workspaces, unstructured schedules, and lots of collaboration. Sound familiar?

People don’t do their best work when chained to a cubicle for 8 hours a day. Some people get great ideas when they’re out in nature. Some do their best work at 2 in the morning, when the world is asleep. Others need constant feedback and encouragement from peers in order to bring their ideas into reality.

As shown in the infographic below, corporate culture is changing. Gone are the corner offices and top-down innovation. Instead, major corporations are trying to capture the openness, creativity, and unabashed fun: the same values that the coworking movement has worked to cultivate for years. See? When we say we’re the future of work, we really mean it!

Corporate Culture Mindset
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