Featured Member Monday: Meet Kevin Udy

Kevin Udy
Search Engine Nerd
NerdyMind Marketing

Kevin U. (as he’s been affectionately dubbed) is one of the unique individuals that brings a wonderful spice to our coworking community. Kevin was one of the driving forces behind NoCoFat (Northern Colorado Friday Afternoon Tweetup) which brought together many of the online personalities who eventually became Cohere’s founding members. To say Kevin is an old soul would be an understatement, but his grasp on new technologies is a blessing for his clients and friends.

Even though Kevin had a 9 – 5 office job for much of Cohere’s first year, he made a point to make his SEO expertise and general knowledge about website design available to members through social events and night coworking. In fact, the majority of members have probably turned to Kevin in a time of Word Press crisis, only to have him calmly dissect the problem, and carry on. Here’s the story of how he found our community, and how it, eventually, helped him become more independently connected:

How did you hear about Cohere?

There was a bit of buzz about it in my twitter stream, the concept of coworking was new to me, but I loved the idea and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately I had a job in an office, so I didn’t join right away… I just stalked the community from the fringe. I also remember seeing a meetup group that met before the space was procured, but I didn’t attend. And finally, I met and talked with Angel about Cohere at the FCIP meetup.

When did you join?

In my head… when the doors first opened, in reality – when the night owl plan was added!

What’s your favorite part about Cohere?

Belonging to a resourceful and fun community – participating in social events with everyone.

Favorite past time?

In the past few years, I’d have to say… cloudscape photography or vegetable gardening.

What’s something we don’t know about you?

I love doing taxes and financial planning. Also, I’m not always a catastrophizer (shhhh… don’t tell Angel).

What would you tell a friend who is interested in joining Cohere?

I would tell them how valuable it can be to belong to a community of like-minded and awesomely varied professionals, how nice it is to have a place to work and socialize that isn’t your home office, and how much fun I’ve had at night coworking.

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