Featured Member Monday: Meet Rosalie Rae Robinson

Rosalie Rae Robinson
Copywriter, international marketing manager, and
 the managing director of Physique: Body of Tea

As freelancers, we’re often guilty of neglecting our physical bodies while pursuing more cerebral activities. This is bad news because without healthy bodies, our creativity and productivity will always suffer. Part of the struggle of being a member of the independent workforce is that we’re responsible for everything, and that means the work (almost) never ends. Entrepreneurs sometimes have trouble making time for the rest, relaxation and nutrition that keeps us delivering our best day after day. That’s why Cohere is thrilled to count a health-conscious member like Rosalie Rae Robinson among our number.

Rosalie is a wellness and fitness freak. She’s also pretty darn good at copywriting and marketing. Through her work with Physique, she’s creating awareness about how organic, non-GMO, and fair trade tea can be the secret to unlocking the healthiest you. Here’s more about Rosalie:

How did you hear about Cohere?
I was looking into renting an office space for myself, and then found out that such a thing as coworking. I liked that idea much better than sitting alone in an office all by myself … which is what I was doing at home anyway. From there, Cohere was just a Google search away!

What’s your favorite part about Cohere?
Being around other people who are working makes me want to work harder … that, and I get an extra guilt trip when I know someone’s just seen me on Facebook.

Favorite past time?
At the moment, calligraphy, cello, and reading.

What’s something we don’t know about you?
I have a first degree black belt in tae kwan do.

What was your life like before Cohere?
Full of sweat pants and distractions.

How has it changed since joining?
Dress pants and … well, different and more enjoyable distractions. 😉

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