Featured Startup Week Fort Collins Must-Attend Sessions

Gosh, half the battle of being in a tight-knit community is Just Showing Up. That’s what we need next week. All sorts of Coherians have put their hesitation on the back burner and their talents on stage to create amazing workshops for you to attend. FOR FREE as part of Startup Week.

Here are direct links to register for the free events, workshops and classes being put on by Coherians next week! If a session is full, go ahead and register for the wait list AND show up to the session. Only about 50% of people show up to the event so you can almost always get in even if you are wait listed.

Monday 2/26 Coworking Panel: Supercharge your business and have fun doing it. Feat. Angel, Chrysta, Mark and Beth http://sched.co/DbmH.

Tuesday 2/27 Voice and Visuals: Demystifying the Branding Process. Feat. Becca http://sched.co/DbmO.

Tuesday 2/27 Pricing 101: How to not be broke. Feat. Angel behind the scenes changing the entire stock presentation she was given. http://sched.co/DbmT

Weds 2/28 Mega Software Meetup. Feat. all our software meetup friends who use Cohere on evenings and weekends. http://sched.co/Ds6G

Weds 2/28 Meetings People Want to Attend. Feat. Carrie Bennett (session is at Cohere how convenient!http://sched.co/DbmU

Thursday 3/1 Selling Your Services Without Being Salesy. Feat. Chrysta http://sched.co/DbmJ

Thursday 3/1 She Leads Giant Happy Hour for Women sponsored by and happening at Cohere. Feat. Chrysta http://sched.co/Deuo

Friday 3/2 Free Coworking Day at Cohere Feat. All of Us http://sched.co/DMjI

Friday 3/2 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Feat. Chrysta (session at Cohere) http://sched.co/DbmL

Friday 3/2 The First 7 Years: What I Wish I had Known When I Started My Business. Feat. Jeremy (session is at Cohere) http://sched.co/DbmM

Friday 3/2 Revitalize Your Illustration Vocation. Feat. Courtney (session at Cohere) http://sched.co/DbmS

See the full calendar of events here https://startupfoco.com/schedule/

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