Flock Together at Cohere: Member Post

Please enjoy Cohere Member Skippy’s thoughts about working at Cohere.  Here is a snippet…

At Cohere I am surrounded by people with high standards. People who achieve and create. People who seek out new limits to push and new rules to break.

These people are entrepreneurs, writers, programmers, copy writers, technical wizards, marketing masters and more. They freelance and create and come up with brilliant ideas almost daily. By associating with them there can only be two outcomes.

The Cohere Flock can lower their standards. Not likely.

I can raise mine. More probable.

Not only does who you flock with influence your standards; your flock also holds you accountable. Your flock will hold you accountable for your actions and call you on your standards. You might say to me “my flock doesn’t hold me to anything or call me on anything” and you might be right. But the absence of standards is still a standard. A low standard, but it’s a standard. A total lack of accountability is simply the lowest form of accountability…Full post

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