Necessity really is the mother of all invention, or in this case, its parents. At a BBQ this weekend, my husband and I were confronted with a pretty typical food problem. I put his hamburger patty on his bun and it covered only 1/2 of the surface area. When I asked him if he wanted a 2nd patty, he replied, “nah, throw a hotdog over there.” Yes, my dear readers, he invented the Hamdogger*. Half hamburger, half hotdog, all awesome.

Shortly after, someone noticed that my hubby was enjoying a hamburger AND a hotdog all on the same bun. Separate but equal. He explained what he was feasting on to an onlooker. ┬áThe Hamdogger took off faster than a greased pig. The onlooker immediately began to construct this own meat marriage and his friend asked, “whatcha making there?” To which he replied, “a Hamdogger, man. You haven’t heard of it!?”

And so the Hamdogger was officially born, named, marketed and sold in 15 minutes on July 4th, 2010. Enjoy yourself and your newportable meat product(s).

*note: the meats should be placed side by side not stacked. You should be able to enjoy each meat separately. If you stack them, then you’ve just got a Shamdogger.

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