#frankfriday | steve martin

Steve Martin (right) of Clever Cubed shares his business redesign with Cohere. Matt (left)

Yes, Steve Martin was our guest at #frankfriday here at the Cohere coworking community.  Steve recently redesigned his business from general web dev. to a company that focuses on information architecture and user interface.  Here is the recap *summarizing*:

Cohere: “Steve, why did you decide to redesign your business?”

Steve: For the last year or so I found myself telling clients that I really like to work on the info architecture and user interface aspects of web development.  After awhile, I decided I should probably just focus on what I love to do, I’m better at this one part of web dev. so why not specialize?

Cohere: “Why Specialize?”

Steve: I think it’s important to be really good at one thing rather than mediocre at many.  It’s hard to do a website from top to bottom when you’re really thinking, “I know someone who would be way better at the graphic design part of your project than I am.”  It frees you up to focus on what you’re really passionate about.  I feel so much better about my business and this direction.

Frank Friday on the Cohere patio

We also talked about user interface tools and techniques and the importance of specializing as well as who would be an ideal client for Steve.

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