Freelance Camp Coming to Fort Collins!

Date: Wednesday July 28th at Colorado State University.

Freelance Camp is a place to discuss and explore the different approaches to running a successful freelance business / service company. We have based our events on the Barcamp format, which is a network of user generated participatory events whose content is fully provided by the participants. Anyone with something to contribute or the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.

Each camp is run by a local team of volunteers and is put on for the benefit of the community (not for profit). Any left over proceedes are donated to help the next round of organizers with their city’s Freelance Camp. All the events to date have included breakfast, lunch and an after party.

Who should come? If you sell your services (or are considering it), you are a perfect fit: developer, designer, accountant, blogger / journalist, realtor, lawyer, carpenter, engineer, financial advisor, marketer, sales, musician, artist, inventor… We encourage all types of owners to come to provide a balanced perspective to the business of freelance.

* Get experience based answers to your questions.
* Network and meet people running successful freelance businesses.
* Form partnerships and collaborate.
* Find clients.
* Help others and be a person of influence.

Register by July 7th for the Early Bird Discount.

To learn more about barcamps:

What to expect
The rules of barcamp

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