Google Calendar

By intern Betsy:

Angel has suggested I have a theme for my blog posts pertaining to what I’m learning my last semester in college in addition to what I’m learning with my internship at Cohere.

This week I’m going to share with you the tool that has helped me with school, my internship, and also my laundry: Google Calendar.

Before Google Calendar, I was lost. Naively wandering around the world (actually just Fort Collins) forgetting to do countless tasks. By countless tasks I’m referring primarily to locking the doors at Cohere, turning off the coffee pot, and as  mentioned before, my laundry. All tasks, if forgotten, have potential to become dangerous situations.

After my third or fourth day at Cohere and coincidentally my third or fourth time forgetting to lock the doors, Angel introduced me to The Google Calendar. Google is kind enough to send you e-mail reminders to do whatever you want it to tell you to do. My e-mail reminders are then forwarded to my CrackBerry, where I instantly read them.  Google doesn’t put a limit on how many reminders you set, nor does it discriminate on what kind of reminders you set!

I will end this blog with my deepest thanks to Google and ability to prevent tragic events.

Dear Google,

Thank you for saving my life and perhaps the lives of many others. Thanks to you I have not forgotten to turn off the coffee pot, thus preventing a fire and saving the lives  of many Coherents.

Thanks to you I have not forgotten to lock the doors when I leave Cohere, thus preventing crazed criminals from breaking in and doing irreparable damage to our coworking space.

Thanks to you, I now do my laundry on a regular basis. The benefits of this need not be explained.



p.s. I have also set a Google Calendar reminder to e-mail Angel and tell her my blog is going to be late. Even though it won’t. It’s my lame April Fool’s joke.

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