Graduating and Unicorns

Guest post by Intern Betsy

I took my last final ever on Wednesday and everything went wonderfully thanks to one thing.


Or actually, unicorn.  I now have the power to follow my dreams with my new unicorn necklace (a grad gift from Angel, the Best Boss with 2 capital “B”s).

I’m also hoping the unicorn necklace will help me to magically get a job in the very near future.

And hopefully it will magically help Angel to forgive me for this post being a little bit  late….. 🙂

With school out of the way and I also quit my job at the restaurant, I’m hoping this will give me plenty of time to search for an awesome whiz-bang job. However I have high expectations after my time at Cohere– I’m going to be looking for a place with unicorn funds, aprons, and lite brites– I fear I may never find such a place.

Any suggestions?


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