Graffiti Artists in Fort Collins Take Note

I came back from vacation to find some unexpected art on the back of Cohere. Apart from being a little shocked since we’re located not 20 steps from the “free space” in our alley where anyone is welcome to paint to their heart’s content I am deeply disappointed.

I’m not disappointed that we got tagged. It was inevitable. Look at that delicious blank canvas with rusty stairs leading up to Cohere, the independent spirit’s choice haven in Old Town. What disappoints me is that we got tagged by a bunch of effing amateurs. Seriously? Bubble letters?

Let me be clear. I LOVE graffiti. I love really good graffiti. I buy books on it, I watch documentaries on it. Hell, I’ve even hired a graffiti artist to tag our garage and paid him to do it. Here’s my fervent plea, if we are to be tagged again, please let a professional do it. Let it look like this…

This was completed in broad daylight and only took a couple of hours. The free space graffiti wall is BETTER than how he found it. I just want the same courtesy.

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