HOW TO: Prepare for a Week of Internet Minimalism


In one week, just SEVEN short days, members of Cohere and Cothere will venture into uncharted territory: life without Internet.

Let’s recap how we arrived at this terrifying group decision:

–I’ve been thinking about stuff, and how most of it makes our lives harder instead of easier.

–This is a basic concept of minimalism.

Coworking and minimalism have a lot in common, like putting a higher value on people and experiences, and the abundance both can bring into our lives. Both coworking and minimalism revolve around our intentions, and how clearing a space for the life we want is the best way to ensure we actually get it.

–Which brings us to this crazy minimalist challenge: CAN WE, AS A COMMUNITY, LIVE WITHOUT HOME INTERNET? Can we restrict our work to the places designed for work (i.e. coworking spaces) and reclaim our homes for living life?

We’re going to find out. Want to join? Here are the deets:


We’re foregoing only HOME connectivity for 5 days. This includes, internet, WiFi, broadband, cell data and mobile hotspots. It does not include cable TV, or regular old phone calls/texts. Google voice/skype is probably a grey area. The idea is to let your home be home, and spend time on the internet elsewhere (hopefully coworking).

Dates are July 7-11: Work hours vs. home hours are set individually based on each person’s work style and habits.

Anyone who wants to participate in the challenge is welcome to (there are even some out-of-staters participating!).  All current members will get UNLIMITED access to the community and both spaces for the duration of the challenge. Non-members can get unlimited access for the week of the challenge for just $19. Email Angel to coordinate.

Want in? RSVP on Meetup (yes, I’m aware of the irony of doing this online).

Survival Tips


Think I’m crazy? Feeling a little like Sponge Bob up there? I hear ya. It’s not going to be comfortable, but that’s kind of the point, right? We want to step back and look at our lives from an unfamiliar perspective, so that it’s easier to separate what matters from what doesn’t.

We’ve got one whole week to prepare, so keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition…

1. Tell your clients that you will be available to them between the hours of X and X. After X each day you will be entirely focused on your family and health but will reply to them first thing at the beginning of the next work day.

2. Remember, it’s only 5 days.

3. Life happens. Emergencies happen. Take care of your family and friends if needed.

4. Take time for reflection. Why are you reaching for your phone/tablet/tv? What value would you get out of 15 minutes scrolling through facebook vs 15 minutes in your favorite book or in your garden or at the park or having a face to face conversation with someone in the room with you?

5. Record your successes. What did you do that you normally would not have?

6. Be honest with cheats. Why did you check your email from bed, or turn on Netflix? What value did you get out of it? What need was it filling? Is there another way you could meet that need without the internet? Tell us about your failures: it will help us all grow.

7. Remember, it’s only 5 days.

Images: gigs4gags, fakeplus, boulderdigitalarts

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