How To Use Your Niche Statement To Propel Your Business

What To Do With Your Niche Statement

Figuring out your niche is an essential task for freelancers, especially if you want to attract a steady stream of paying clients. Researching your niche, determining your unique offerings, and then actually writing a succinct sentence that encapsulates your findings without confusing or boring people is no small feat.

(If you need help getting started, check out Monday’s post about why nicheing-out matters).

One reason some people feel less-than-motivated to create a niche statement is that they don’t really know how to use it once they’ve got it (especially true for people who find clients online), so here are some productive ways to use your niche statement once you’ve got it nailed down.

Networks and Directories

Finding a niche means getting right to the heart of what it is you do, and why you do it the best. The best place to put the niche statement is right where clients and customers will be looking for it–on a niche networking site or directory. No matter what you do, chances are there is a social media network designed to group you together with like-minded professionals and make your collective talents easy for the public to find.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s out there:

The Web Design Network
Real Design Network
The Designer’s Network
Fastpitch Networking
Freelance Writer’s Directory
Freelance Writers/Designers Directory
Direct Freelance
Web Designers Directory
Health Professionals Directory
Non-Profit Consultant Directory

Check out LOTS more here!

Your Company Facebook Page

If you’re at the stage where you’re ready to separate your personal profile from your professional page, then your nice statement needs to appear prominently on the info tab. People don’t want to read your entire history and mission statement on Facebook. The niche statement gives them just enough so that they’ll “Like” you and click through to your actual site to learn more.

LinkedIn, BranchOut,,, etc…

(FYI: BranchOut is a Facebook app that’s very similar to LinkedIn). Putting your new niche statement on your profile acts like a tiny 24-hour billboard, and ensures that your messaging is consistent no matter how people find you. If you’ve already got a pretty solid profile on a couple of professional networking sites, think about delving deeper and using your niche statement as a way of introducing yourself to niche groups or even individuals that you don’t know personally, but would like to have as a professional contact.

Bios Galore

No matter what kind of site you’re subscribing to or listing yourself on, everyone wants a bio these days. Use your niche statement on your own website, your Twitter page, Cohere bio, and anywhere else you’re given two lines to talk about yourself and what you do.

In what other places/situations can you see your nice statement coming in handy? (Printed materials don’t count 😉

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