intern Lesson

Communication is important. Deadlines are important. Today, my blog assignment is to write about how I sucked at both this week. In addition to being a poor communicator and deadline meeter today, it turns out I’m not very good at making up excuses either.

Allow me to explain the situation: Ryan and I (the interns) take turns publishing blogs every Friday, they’re supposed to be done by 8 am. Since it is now 1 pm, this explains why I suck at deadlines today.

My excuse, is terrible. But it goes hand in hand with poor communication. I wasn’t sure who’s turn it was for the blog this Friday, so I e-mailed Angel and asked. Her response was pretty easy to interpret but I was a little baffled. Rather than asking her again I just assumed (wrongly) it wasn’t my turn. So when she texted me after the deadline asking for my blog, I quickly came up with the longest, most terrible excuse which can be summed up as miscommunication.

Now my blog assignment has turned into a learning lesson. So today I’ve learned to always ask questions if I’m a little puzzled, and maybe pretend my blogs are due on Tuesday rather than Friday.

OH, and go coworking!

By: intern Betsy

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