It's "Make Up Your Own Holiday" Day!

Happy hump day

It’s the middle of the week. We’re all pining for the weekend (or whatever day means a day off for you). Time to have some fun!

For no good reason at all—except to keep our creative minds sharp—we asked Cohere’s members, “What holiday would you declare if you had the opportunity to do so?”  National Peanut Month, Build A Scarecrow Day, and Work-a-holics Day were already taken, but here’s what our crew came up with:

“Coffee Appreciation Day! I’ve been celebrating it pretty heavily today…” -Andrea Rooney

“If I have to talk again, my vocal chords will explode” day. 9-3 webinars last week, 8-2 webinars this week. Two more days. Then I may have to use a computer to speak for me instead.” -Nick Armstrong

“National No Phone Call Day” -Angel K.

Got ideas to add to the list? Share them in a comment!

Image via shirtoid

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