Local Business Spotlight: KDragonfly, An Agile Talent Network

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Coworking is about people. Yes, it’s also about productivity, and community and collaboration. But without people, it’s just a space with desks and wifi. When you add people, connections become possible. And it’s these connections that make independent professionals so powerful and successful.

We do a pretty good job of forging our own connections at Cohere, but if there’s one thing I swear by, it’s using an expert whenever there’s one available. I recently had the pleasure of stumbling upon a local, woman-owned company in our area that specializes in putting people and projects together. Called KDragonfly, this people-centered effort believes strongly that the way we work is changing, and they want to help Northern Colorado professionals lead the charge.

If you’re looking to land more gigs, or collaborate with local independent professionals outside the Cohere family, this could be the resource you’ve been waiting for!

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

Q. What makes Kdragonfly different from other Contracting websites?

A. Kdragonfly recognizes the importance of 1099 Compliance and has built Vetting into our Guru Profile process. In addition, Kdragonfly personally vets any Guru Member who signs up for the Best Package. Look for the shaded dragonflies. Kdragonfly is powered by people. Gig Managers and Guru Coaches assist Gurus and Employers with customized, solutions.

Q. What if I just need help getting set up as a contract worker, aka freelancer?

A. The Kdragonfly Contractor’s Tool Kit can help get your business set up and provide tips and tools to spur ongoing success. The Kdragonfly Contractor’s Tool Kit is included with the Guru Better and Best packages but can also be purchased as a stand alone download for $49. Included in the Tool Kit are business forms and templates to help you set up your business and perform on a 1099 Contract basis. The Tool Kit also offers information on invoicing, insurance, tax filings, and business planning to help with business sustainment.

Q. How much does it cost to search for local professionals or post a gig?

A. Kdragonfly packages start at $149 a month, but for a LIMITED TIME you can take advantage of their Launch Package for absolutely no charge. Test drive the service until 5/1/2013 with the ability to post 3 gigs, unlimited guru search capability, and the ability to contact gurus directly for FREE!

Got more questions? Contact KDragonfly at info@kdragonfly.com, 970.325.5080, or follow on Facebook.

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