New Year's Resolution: Find a Niche

As I sat drinking my coffee and eating Frosted Mini-Wheats (bite sized) this morning, a news anchor said, “You might know him as The Situation from Jersey Shore. He just created a new iphone app called GTL. As you know, he specializes in gyms, tanning and laundry.”

I choked a little bit on my mini-wheats. I choked because if frickin’ The Situation can niche-out, so can you!

There are 3 short questions you can ask yourself to become acquainted with your niche. Answering them takes a little longer but it’s worth the effort. Also, you’re smarter than The Situation. Honestly, if he can do it…

  1. What do you do better than almost everyone else?
  2. What do you love to do more than anything?
  3. Will someone pay you what you’re worth to do it? (if they won’t, we’ll call it a hobby)

Take some time to work those out. Heck, I’ll even GIFT YOU the Cohere conference room for a couple of hours if it will help you to white-board out your thoughts. Email me with a date and time.

Here are a few examples of some people in my life who have niched-out. They make me proud and I can guarantee that they get more referrals for work read: more money because the people in their networks can say in just a few words why someone should hire them.

Here are some of my favorite examples of people with great niche statements.

Jimmy: I design t-shirts for bands.

Cali: I do web messaging and branding for small businesses.

Jeremiah: I create online strategies for authors and publishers.

Kristin: I am a food blogger specializing in reviews of craft beer and pairing dinners.

Sheri: I specialize in maternity and newborn photography.

What’s your niche?

Image Credit: bufftees

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