Podcamp Fort Collins is happening at Cohere, right now as I type.  Podcampfc has managed to pull together some of the most awesome people in the area to share ideas, learn from one another and be awesome together.

So far today I’ve been a part of conversations on:

  • Podcasting and how it can be used to educate people and build community
  • The trials and joys of being an entrepreneur and how awesome it is to work for yourself
  • Ideas on how to build accountability to yourself and with others
  • Telling your story online
  • Developing a brand identity that is true to who you are

I also heard other people talking about:

  • co-opetition
  • open source and free software
  • ubuntu, openoffice, wordpress and web hosting
  • artificial reality gaming
  • other technical things I don’t know yet

Podcamp was a huge success and I’ve heard many people say that their “minds got blown” at podcamp.  If that’s not an awesome use of your Saturday, I don’t know what is.

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