Searching for Motivation? Join Cotivation!

The Transformative Power of Cotivation!

Do you have a huge, intimidating project looming over you? Are a flock of smaller projects nibbling at your sanity? Are you simply looking for the motivation to finally drink enough water?

Cotivation is the answer.

What is Cotivation?

Whether you have one large project, several smaller ones, or you just need a little support to develop productive daily habits, we can relate. Cotivation—a name derived from the words collaborative motivation—is an 8-week accountability and support group for freelancers and remote workers. It is designed to encourage and empower you to reach your individual goals.

The goals that Cotivation participants at Cohere focus on during these member-led sessions are typically unconnected to one another and often vary wildly. The diversity of both the participants and their goals, combined with the Cotivation format, fosters a genuinely collaborative and motivating energy.

Who is it for?

Cotivation is beneficial for anyone who could use a little accountability and support to reach their goals.

How can attending Cotivation help me?

Openly sharing specific goals with a supportive Cotivation group provides accountability as well as practical advice on meeting those goals. For the Cotivation crowd, accountability means cheering fellow participants on when they meet their goals, whether large or small.

It also means providing support for others, through suggestions, online resources, or simple understanding. The support provided by Cotivation is especially inspiring when your goals start feeling slightly out of reach.

What type of goals can I set for myself?

The sky’s the limit! Cotivation sessions at Cohere aren’t limited to a single goal, nor do the goals have to be directly linked to your career ambitions. While productivity and career-based goals are prevalent in Cotivation, personal goals are not uncommon.

When pursuing aspirations at full throttle, people frequently let less urgent issues fall by the wayside. Adding self-care goals to your cotivation session—like drinking water, getting enough sleep, and adding movement into your day—will help you remain in good mental and physical health while reaching for your professional or personal goals.

How much of a time commitment is required?

Cotivation members gather online for an hour, once each week. During this time, each participant has an opportunity to discuss their current progress, review any obstacles they have encountered, and announce their intentions for the next week. Then we celebrate wins and discuss potential solutions to help overcome the obstacles that were brought up.

There are also two optional work sprints that members can join each week. These focused work sprints, which are also held online, can be incredibly productive and rewarding.

If you have to miss a meeting or two, there’s no need to worry. Everything can be updated via Google Docs!

How much does it cost?

An entire series of Coviation is just $49 per person.

When is the next session, and where do I sign up?

The deadline to join the next Cotivation sessions start on June 15, 2021, and July 13, 2021 and you can sign up right now by following this link.

*These groups are limited in size. Don’t wait long if you want to secure your spot in the upcoming Cotivation session.

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About the Author: Cohere member Penny Leigh Sebring is an experienced freelance writer, neophyte speculative fiction author, and a gatherer of information and imaginary friends.

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